My name is Aaron Corria, Ive suffered with depression for around five years. I’m not sure what triggers it and I’m not sure why I have it . I have good days and I have bad days . On the surface I look like any other normal guy , I enjoy going out , watching sports , having tattoos and keeping myself healthy . During my bout with depression I’ve taken a few different types of medication some good and some really bad , citalopram and fluoxetine to name a couple .
“what have you got to be depressed about”
“man up”
“you’re probably just tired ” 
All comments Ive heard over the years . The more I heard it , the more I believed it , Did I need to man up ? I became highly secretive of my depression , during my bad days I would……………………..Read More…………

Motivation – FightDepression

Depression is a very subjective problem as you will all know but if this video can help anyone through those horrible times, then we are doing what we have always set out to do.

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Am I depressed ?


So most of us guys have felt sad or depressed at times. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to some bad news,  a bad day at work or any event that causes us to feel rubbish about ourselves and rubbish about the future .


But when feelings of intense helplessness won’t go away for days weeks or months , It may very well be clinical depression — a treatable medical condition.

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