Please read the anonymous contact we recieved.

Brotectors Team


I don’t want anyone to know about my depression and anxiety because of the person I am; however, if you’re reading this and you do have a mental health illness I urge you to tell a family member or a close friend, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Building up emotions is not the right thing to do, it will only make you more lonely. From experience, this was not the right choice for me and it’s only now, after being in hospital from killing myself that I decided that I would battle my mental heath illness. I urge you not to let an attempted suicide to make you realise this… Friends and family are there to support you and no one should ever feel the way I did. I am telling you now that you can get through this, it takes time, it doesn’t just suddenly happen. A few things which helped me with my battle was such things as going to the gym, reading books, being around close friends, even time to yourself can help a lot, do meditating, watch inspiring and motivational videos… Just do anything you can to make yourself happy. Invest time in yourself, make yourself happy before others, it may sound selfish but its not, you are the most important person right now and with happiness becomes happiness with others. You may fail 100 times but keep going as the 101th attempt might be the winning one. I’ve been through a lot, i’ve tried again and again, still failing but I got there. It may seem like you’re getting nowhere but with your struggles they develop your strengths. Please remember that you are important and someone out there loves you, it may not seem that way but if you ended your life you could seriously hurt someone who loves you more than themselves. Do not give up, it can only get better.