Please read the anonymous contact we recieved.

Brotectors Team


I suffered from depression for a few years now and I’d been to scared and embarrassed to go and speak to someone about my problems, I thought by admitting I was depressed and suicidal it would make me a weaker person because as a male I thought it would make me less of a man. After years of holding it all in and bottling all my thoughts up the day finally came that I hit rock bottom I went out and drank that much I thought tonight’s the night I’m going to end all my problems I’m going to take my life, after that it’s a bit of a blur but I woke up in hospital thankfully I didn’t succeed! Before long my closest family and friends finally found out about my attempt and I watched them all break down in tears and I thought to myself I can’t put them through this I need to go and get help before this happens again, I’m not going to lie it hasn’t been an easy journey but I’m getting there day by day one step at a time and the best advice I can give anyone is if your feeling low or suicidal go and speak to someone because believe me getting help is the best thing I’ve ever done!! Admitting your depressed doesn’t make you a weaker person it makes you a stronger person.