A year ago to this day I felt so alone , I felt my life had no meaning and I felt that there was not much point in going on. I was so tired of fighting the demons in my head every day  and night, I was mentally exhausted and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. What a difference a year can make , if I had listened to my own thoughts I have no doubt that I would not be here typing this article. If it wasn’t for my family and friends who continued to stick by me and support me I would not be here at all. Never in my life did I imagine after all the sleepless nights and the constant negative thoughts that I would have my own platform to help other men and women who are suffering with mental health issues. If someone had told me a year ago that I would experience all I have with Brotectors this year I would have laughed in their face, this year has been like a dream and I feel like I am about to wake up at any second. For me personally the breakthrough and turning point was when I became totally honest with myself and admitted I needed help, I always brushed it under the carpet and never fully came to terms with my mental health issues, the phrase “the truth will set you free” springs to mind. As soon as I came to terms that I needed professional help things slowly started to get better I can honestly say that things do get better with the right people around you I am living proof that things get better in time, thats not to say Ive had some really bad days I just manage it a lot better. We will all have bad days and things will get you down you just need to press reset and don’t bog yourself down with negative thoughts, tomorrow is a new day. 
I would like to say a huge thank you for everyones support this year, I’ve received hundreds of messages from people all over the world from places like New Zealand , Australia and Canada to name a few . The support Ive had from people has been truly overwhelming and I cannot thank each and everyone of you for the support shown this past year. 2018 promises to be a huge year for Brotectors, I have already been delivering workshops and I hope to reach a wider audience in 2018, as Ive said before Im lucky enough to have found my passion in life and its what keeps me motivated and gets me through some tough days. I want to be in control of my destiny and my future and I refuse to settle for anything less. 
I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous 2018, and wish you every success in the coming year! Live life on your terms and be kind to others, always!
Happy New Year