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Brotectors is proud to support and offer an extensive range of community services. The organisation was initially established to support direct mental health concerns in the community and this remains a constant throughout the growth and development of the organisation. Wellbeing signposting, accessible online support, community awareness and direct delivery support are a number of ways and channels in which Brotectors can play an integral and key supportive element to community health and wellbeing. Community groups such sports clubs, social clubs, youth work and public service organisations can benefit from a number of services. Brotectors has supported a number of youth and adult sports teams, boxing clubs, gyms and HM Prisons.

Brotectors further supports the community by organising group activities and events which focuses on an inclusive, safe and welcoming ethos for friends, families and strangers to meet, converse and enjoy ‘talking’. The Brotectors ‘Wellbeing Walks’ are a prime example of this notion.

Brotectors offers 1-1 sessions through ‘Let’s Talk’ virtual mentoring. This fantastic service supported through The National Lottery Community Fund allows individuals opportunity to book a wellbeing support discussion. These have proved hugely beneficial for those seeking support and finding ‘someone’ to talk to.

‘Newport Saracens are really proud to be partnering with Brotectors for 2021 and beyond. As a club we’ve recognised that any one of us could struggle with the pressures of everyday life, at any time. We want to make sure that if and when that happens, we’ve got the right support system in place to help.... Aaron has been brilliant so far and we cannot wait to get to work tackling mental health head on.’ Newport Saracens RFC

Services available:

Sport team (youth/adult) awareness training and workshops

Community groups workshops

1-1 virtual or face-to-face mentoring

To discuss how Brotectors can positivity impact your community get in touch today to arrange a free consultation via the ‘Enquire Now’ button.