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Brotectors offers bespoke 1-1 mentoring sessions, which through a safe and confidential environment, allows opportunity to share, talk and explore personal issues and connect with the feelings that are associated with these. 1-1 sessions are conducted with inclusivity and sensitivity and have been found to be highly effective in the support of depression, external and intrinsic pressures, anxiety and stress. The Brotectors mentors are highly experienced, accredited and qualified individuals, who have extensive experience through years of support, guidance and mentoring. The sessions are designed to help manage personal mental health and wellbeing, they are not a substitute for intensive mental healthcare or clinical support, please always seek advice in conjunction from your GP.

All mentoring sessions are conducted by qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructors, combining personal and employment experience with industry knowledge to provide an effective, supportive and competent service.

Services available:

Bespoke 1-1 sessions

Group sessions

Sessions can be face-to-face, over the telephone or via Zoom video call. To book your 1-1 session, please get in touch using the ‘Enquire Now’ function.

‘’I've found my sessions with Aaron very helpful. It's allowed me to see things in perspective and think about work in a much more positive way. He's given me great advice on how to deal with stress. I look forward to my sessions with him.’’

‘’Aaron was amazing. The first time I saw him and was an absolute wreck and he was so professional and understanding. To have someone take the time to just listen and for them to be able to understand is a rare thing. To be in such a bad place and to have him say "you should be proud of yourself" was exactly what I needed, such a small comment made such a big difference to my mindset. Aaron is so supportive and inspiring, what he has achieved and how much he helps people is incredible. He helped me believe in myself and change to a positive mindset, thank you just doesn't cover it.’’