My name is Aaron Corria, Ive suffered with depression for around five years. I’m not sure what triggers it and I’m not sure why I have it . I have good days and I have bad days . On the surface I look like any other normal guy , I enjoy going out , watching sports , having tattoos and keeping myself healthy . During my bout with depression I’ve taken a few different types of medication some good and some really bad , citalopram and fluoxetine to name a couple .
“What have you got to be depressed about”
“Man up”
“You’re probably just tired ”¬†
All comments Ive heard over the years . The more I heard it , the more I believed it , Did I need to man up ? I became highly secretive of my depression , during my bad days I would shut my family and friends out by not answering phone calls and texts , the only way I could make myself feel better was to go out and drink all weekend , then feel even worse the following Monday until it was Saturday again and do it all over again . This became a continuous cycle 
During the last five or so years I’ve had some pretty low days , days where I just didn’t see the point in life , just after christmas last year I went through a pretty bad patch , I was tired of feeling the way I did and tired with battling my demons and pushing the people who i loved the most away . The day after boxing day I decided I had had enough and began to have suicidal thoughts , I got in my car in floods of tears and drove to the cemetery to visit my grandfathers grave , as I pulled up my dad was putting down flowers and saw the state I was in , I got out of my car and broke down in front of him , I told him of how I was feeling and that I couldn’t go on any longer . We went for food and I immediately felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We planned together about how we were going to beat this together and to use this illness as a positive thing . Id had an idea a few weeks prior to this happening about making a website that raises awareness about mens mental health using my experiences in dealing with this illness to help others and so brotectors was born and here we are !!
Ive been very lucky that I have some amazing friends and family that have stuck by me through some pretty tough times and all i want to do is get people talking about mens mental health and break down the stigma attached to depression and anxiety #wegotthis


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