about brotectors

Established in 2017, Brotectors is a registered Social Enterprise Company, which looks to support wellbeing and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. Brotectors provides a diverse range of supportive measures, resources and services, which are accessible through a number of platforms and delivery methods. The ethos of Brotectors is built upon a longstanding desire and experience of helping, educating and empowering people through a professional ethos. Brotectors looks to support and create conditions for people to feel comfortable and safe, allowing them to talk openly about their mental health to friends, family, health services and of course, Brotectors, together…….’We Got This!’

Brotectors was founded in South Wales, by current Director, Aaron Corria, who through his own personal experiences wanted to create a support organisation to reach out and help others. The organisation has grown considerably over the last few years, with internal growth through investment into qualified staff and increasing the available services, products and resources. The Brotectors network has seen and continues to see substantial growth, through liaisons and partnership with businesses, community initiatives, local authorities and educational setting. Brotectors is approachable and inclusive within the community.

The mental health landscape is ever changing and differs from one person to the next, Brotectors regularly reaches out to seek common themes, industry updating and patterns to allow adaptation to the services and support it provides.