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The National Lottery Community Fund

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An integral part of the organisation is the Brotectors network, which is made up from businesses, partnerships, advocates, who provide additional support, resources and collaborative initiatives to further strengthen our impact and service. Brotectors is always seeking new opportunities and partners who can provide value and substance to support the mission.

In November 2020, Brotectors was successful in obtaining funding from The National Lottery Community Fund. The ‘Brotectors Covid Initiative’, targets those people who are experiencing negative implications caused by the Covid crisis; lack of social interaction, employment worries, periods of isolation, financial concerns, negative home life impact, limited opportunity for health and fitness etc. 


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Mesoa, a Brotectors partner, is founded on similar principles surrounding mental and wellbeing, they support, invest and advocate positive measures to support those who need it through the Mesoa community. Brotectors is proud to partner Mesoa, who share the passion and mission to support male mental health and empower men to be the best version of themselves by looking and feeling great.

‘Empowering men to look their best is the very purpose of our existence, but it's not just looking good that's important. It's also about feeling good on the inside, which is why we have partnered with Brotectors. Brotectors is on a relentless purist to raise awareness for male mental health. They have created a space for men to open up and talk about their feelings and have helped hundreds of men live better lives. We are so excited to partner up, and together, we will break the stigma around male mental health and masculinity.’ Matt Jones CEO & Owner of Mesoa   

Newport Saracens RFC

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Newport Saracens RFC, a Brotectors partner, is a rugby club dedicated and committed to supporting its players, coaching staff and its community with advocating mental health wellbeing support. Brotectors deliver wellbeing workshops to the team and associated staff, Brotectors logo will be on the upcoming Newport Saracens team jersey!

‘Newport Saracens are really proud to be partnering with Brotectors for 2021 and beyond. As a club we’ve recognised that any one of us could struggle with the pressures of everyday life, at any time. We want to make sure that if and when that happens, we’ve got the right support system in place to help.... Aaron has been brilliant so far and we cannot wait to get to work tackling mental health head on.’ Newport Saracens RFC